Didier Raoult's chloroquine scandalized Big Pharma: not expensive enough and too effective ... It's nothing compared to Artemisia annua in its natural form! A must see: the documentary "Malaria Business" (2017) by Belgian director Bernard Crutzen.

A remedy known for 2000 years by traditional Chinese medicine, long used by the Chinese against malaria (without creating resistance) and which served to protect the Ho Chi Minh Army from malaria during the Vietnam War...

The 1:12 documentary film “Malaria Business” (2017) is super interesting, if you can find it. Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation have already been pointed out there, and especially the fact that a Made in Africa study (which Westerners obviously do not want), carried out according to WTO standards by a young African doctor on 1,000 volunteers in double blind, demonstrated that the annual mugwort tea form (3 times a day for a week) was much more effective (complete disappearance of the parasite in 99% of cases, and without side effects) than the "Big Pharma" form »ACT (Artemisinin-based combination therapy) today authorized by the WTO… because produced by laboratories (but which borrows from the plant only the sole principle of artemisinin), ACT form which is already starting to generate resistance… like chloroquine for several decades already ... Produced in mass in Madagascar (and in other African countries), it is undoubtedly not unrelated to the good results of Madagascar in the fight against COVID-19 ... Few cases ... and few deaths!

Madagascar now successfully uses Artemisia annua against COVID-19: Covid-19: Covid-Organics, this remedy that Madagascar has validated. And German scientists at the Max Planck Institute seem to want to study the plant: Artemisia annua to be tested against coronavirus.